Pediatrics Success Stories

Autism and Chiropractic

“Our daughter was born in a very fast delivery without any difficulties at all. However, very early on she developed a variety of health issues and concerns. Latching issues, multiple ear infections, upper respiratory infections, Colic/Reflux, severe constipation that required enemas (first 4 months), Primitive reflex s and more. Visits to the emergency room became very common. Antibiotics and other medications became part of a repetitive ritual that seemed to only bring temporary relief. In addition to these health issues, we noticed changes in her behavior (aggression), personality, sensory processing, and sleep.

These changes were tough on a daily basis and gave us concern regarding her future. Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and a variety of other diagnosis were given to us. We became very determined to find a way to help our daughter. We were seeing an Occupational Therapist as well as a special doctor to prescribe special supplements. We saw some changes with all these therapies, but not quite a much change as we expected.

A friend recommended looking for a pediatric chiropractor. The concept was very new to us but we were willing to try anything. Now at eight years old, our daughter has started care with Dr. Ofek. and We noticed significant positive changes in a short period of time. After only a few weeks of care she stopped wetting her bed, which had been a frequent routine that required her to wear diapers. Her sensory processing has improved as well. Her Occupational Therapist even asked me about what we have been doing differently lately, because he’s noticed positive changes!

We have been getting chiropractic care for a few months now and are still constantly seeing improvement. I am excited and hopeful about my daughter’s future and definitely consider chiropractic care to be an integral part of this future. By the way, I now see Dr. Ofek and my mom sees him as well. We are seeing improved health and wellness in ourselves, too. Thank you Dr. Ofek.”


Speech Impediment Resolved

“My toddler son and I came to see Dr. Ofek after a motor vehicle accident. Initially, we came for Chiropractic care because I heard that it is recommended after a car accident. Initially, I wasn’t even aware of Dr. Amit’s reputation as a pediatric chiropractor, and I certainly had no idea of the effect chiropractic care would have on my son.

A little bit of history: my son was born in a very difficult delivery that left him with a jaw misalignment. By age two when we began to see Dr. Amit, following the car accident, my son was also experiencing substantial and visible speech impediment as a result of the jaw misalignment. After just a few months of consistent chiropractic care, I noticed incredible improvement in my son’s speech and I could visibly see a change in his jaw alignment.

With regards to myself and chiropractic care, I felt better physically and emotionally than I have in quite a while. Upon seeing our great results, my husband decided to begin seeing Dr. Ofek as well. Our whole family has been under chiropractic care for over a year now and continues on a weekly basis to continue improving our health and overall well-being.


My Two Years Old Is Better Now

“I was as skeptical as they come, but I’m glad we entrusted Dr. Ofek with our little one.

Our 2 y/o son had been sick for over a week, and waking up at least once throughout the night with severe cough. We took him to see his doctor and said he had whatever bug was going around at the time, and told us to just give him over the counter medication for his flu-like symptoms. We did, but after a couple of weeks we noticed his condition wasn’t improving; in fact, it was getting worse. He was still waking up in the middle of the night, and still coughing. So we took him back to the doctor and were told he had an ear infection, in both ears. So my little one was then referred to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. My immediate response was “I don’t want him to get tubes put in his ears.” So my husband suggested we take our son to see a chiropractor instead.

I’ve always been skeptical of Chiropractors, but my husband has always been an avid believer. Being that he, himself, had suffered from ear infections as a child, but completely stopped getting them after seeing a chiropractor. At this point, I was willing to try it all, and I’m glad I did.

I started looking for chiropractors around our area, and saw that Dr. Ofek’s practice had great reviews. Still, skeptical, I agreed to make an appointment to see Dr. Ofek. Well, let me tell you that after just a couple of visits, my son is now sleeping soundly throughout the night again. He is no longer coughing, and has regained his energy. I’m not sure how Dr. Ofek did it, but he did it and we couldn’t be happier =o)

My only regret is that we didn’t bring our son sooner. I’m sad that he had to suffer over a month before we realized he needed a different kind of help; a kind of help that didn’t include stuffing him with medications, or causing him pain.”


3 Month Old With Torticollis, GERD and Digestion Issues

“My daughter was almost 3 months old when we first met with Dr. Ofek. She had been diagnosed with torticollis, GERD and had severe sensitivity with her digestion.

Dr. Ofek was extremely patient and understanding with . After weeks of working with her she no longer screamed in pain for hours because of gas and reflux. She no longer prefers to turn her head to one side. She can now sleep on her stomach once again.

He has helped in making her a happy baby that smiles and laughs and now enjoys seeing him.We were at our wits end when we first saw Dr. Ofek. I wish we had seen him from the beginning so that my daughter didn’t have to endure the pain but I’m glad we did finally find him. He has become a life line to us and has given us our daughter back.”


New Born Suffering From Reflux:

“Our newborn son was showing signs of favoring one side. We were concerned that he might develop torticollis. Instead of playing the “wait an see” game, we decided to be proactive and take him to a chiropractor. After about 10 sessions with Dr. Ofek, his range of motion was greatly improved and he never developed torticollis. In addition, our son also had reflux issues. The chiropractic care helped with that as well. Dr. Ofek is passionate about what he does and he is great with kids. We highly recommend his services.” ~S.R.

7 Weeks Old Infant With Colic:

“I brought my 7 week old son to Dr. Ofek for help with his Reflux/Colic. After the very first visit, baby boy was visibly more comfortable and slept peacefully for the first time. After a couple of weeks, he was able to go off the medicine and was overall more content and enjoyable. Since then, Dr. Ofek has started helping me with back, shoulder, and neck pain that came from having 2 small kids. Now I’ve got a happy baby and my little ones have a happy mommy who isn’t in terrible pain every evening. If you’re thinking about chiropractic help for you or your family, DO IT!!!”


Infertility and Chiropractic:

“I started getting chiropractic care from Dr. Ofek when I was trying to get pregnant. I was told it could help after many doctors visits with fertility doctors that gave us little hope. Dr. Ofek was great and took the time with me to understand my situation and explain things to me. Not long after I started I indeed got pregnant naturally and have a beautiful baby girl now. Thanks Ofek Chiropractic.”


8 Weeks Old With External Foot Rotation And Difficulties With Laying On Back:

“We began seeing Dr. Amit for my 8 week old son mainly because he had an externally rotated foot. He also was not sleeping well on his back due to reflux. Dr. Amit took the time to listen to and address our concerns. He carefully and compassionately treated our son, explaining the process with every visit. We have been getting regular adjustments for about a month now and have already noticed some improvement in his foot. He is much happier and sleeping longer while lying on his back and his range of motion in his neck has greatly improved. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Amit for your family chiropractic needs.”


Pregnancy Success Stories:

“Dr. Ofek was such an important part of my healthcare during my pregnancy. Although I was seeing a chiropractor, by the start of my 3rd trimester I was having extreme low back pain and was having trouble walking and getting through the day. I have a very active job and was worried I would have to stop working early which would limit my time at home with my baby after delivery. I switched practices and started to work with Dr. Ofek. By the 3rd visit I was feeling much better. After a few more visits I started to feel better than ever. I went on a two mile hike at 39 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it! Now I tell everyone I meet about the amazing effectiveness of the Webster technique and how much I appreciate Dr. Ofek.”

Breech Baby Success Story

“Dr. Ofek is a wonderful chiropractor who made me feel at ease the second I stepped in the door. I was 34 weeks pregnant and had found out my baby was breech. My midwife told me to try chiropractic work and specifically the Webster technique. I was very skeptical but that same day I found Dr. Ofek’s office. I called and spoke directly to him and he fit me in that very day! I felt much better the very first day I went in and after 2 weeks my baby flipped! I’m also sleeping better and have much less pain! Thanks Dr. Ofek!”


Hip Pain Gone and Natural Birth With Chiropractic

“I received Dr. Ofek’s information off my birthing instructor’s website and called to make an appointment when I was 12 weeks pregnant. My husband and I decided we wanted to have as natural of a birth as possible at “higher risk” ages. I still have not had any back pain and am in my 30th week. My co-workers and friends started to have back and hip pain around this time in their pregnancies and, unfortunately, started to seek chiropractic care later–making it harder to catch up. Dr. Ofek uses the very popular pre-natal WEBSTER technique which uses an activator and drop table which are very safe for mama and baby! It helps to get everything in line for comfort and a much easier natural birth. Dr. Ofek is the only doctor we’ve seen in this process and we love that! We’re on track for a natural home birth and are very excited. Thank you Dr. Ofek!


No More Low Back Pain During My Pregnancy

“At about 4 months pregnant (with my second child) I started to experience low back pain to the point where I could barely move, sleep or sit. I decided to try chiropractic for the first time. Dr. Ofek was great! He used very gentle techniques and explained the whole process. After a few visits my back pain was gone. I continued to see Dr. Ofek throughout my entire pregnancy with great results. I didn’t experience the extreme back pain that I once had and I feel chiropractic helped me experience less pregnancy aches and pains as well. I went on to have a natural birth and a healthy baby. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ofek!”


Better Sleep and No More Aches and Pains

“I first went to Dr. Ofek in my 9th week of pregnancy with terrible hip and back pain. I had experienced adjustments before for various injuries but was thrilled to learn that chiropractic support during pregnancy could decrease chances of complications and assist in getting the baby into proper position for birth. Dr. Ofek was thorough in assessing me, going through a detailed history of previous injuries that may have been contributing to my issues in adjustment to pregnancy. I am now in my 14th week of pregnancy and thrilled with the results! I have had little to no pain in my hips and back and find it much easier to sleep through the night. Thanks, Ofek Chiropractic, for the wonderful support through my pregnancy!”


My Baby Turned to Optimal Position and I had an Unmedicated Natural Birth

“Dr. Ofek is incredible. I began getting adjusted when I was 32 weeks pregnant because my baby was not in the optimal position in utero for delivery. He has great experience working with pregnant women and also young children and babies. Dr. Ofek is very knowledgeable and passionate about chiropractic care and I always felt I was in the best care whenever I went in for adjustments. Not only is he highly skilled at what he does, Dr. Ofek also has wonderful bedside manners. I am happy to report that after seeing him regularly during my third trimester, my baby was able to turn into an optimal position for birth and I was able to have a completely natural, med-free delivery. There is no doubt that chiropractic care played a huge role in this. I cannot recommend Dr. Ofek enough!”


I was Able to Go on a Two Mile Hike at 39 Weeks

“Dr. Ofek has been such an important part of my health-care during my pregnancy. Although I was seeing a chiropractor, by the start of my 3rd trimester I was having extreme low back pain and was having trouble walking and getting through the day. I have a very active job and was worried I would have to stop working early which would limit my time at home with my baby after delivery. I switched practices and started to work with Dr. Ofek. By the 3rd visit I was feeling much better. After a few more visits I started to feel better than ever. I went on a two mile hike at 39 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it! Now I tell everyone I meet about the amazing effectiveness of the Webster technique and how much I appreciate Dr. Ofek.”

— H.S.

More Incredible Success Stories:

Woohoo! As good as it gets!

“Dr. Ofek is amazing. From the moment I walked in I felt listened to. I felt like he truly understood all of my concerns and where I was coming from. You see, almost a year ago I was forced to jump out of a two story window due to a house fire. The physical trauma and impact definitely caused some of these concerns I have now. There was also a major emotional trauma that day as I lost my sister to that fire. Dr. Ofek didn’t miss any detail in my history and was as thorough as possible. He explained to me that there are three traumas that can affect our health; emotional, physical and chemical and that these traumas accumulate in our body. I was at a point where I was sick and tired from all the aches, pains, anxiety and overall feeling of hopelessness. I am happy to say that after just a few weeks of care, I feel like I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. I am so happy I found Dr. Ofek and I am excited to see what the future holds.Thank you so much.”

“Dr.Ofek is amazing! I have been going to him for 3 months and he has done nothing short of change my life. I have less chronic back and neck pain and more energy. I am finally sleeping at night, and I am able to go running again! My overall health and quality of life has improved so much. I always enjoy my experience in the office, he is a very friendly and compassionate doctor.”


“During a recent trip to the Atlanta Area my Sciatica started to act up. The pain from my lower back down my right leg became unbearable. I could not walk without the assistance of a cane, which I had to borrow from a friend. I consulted on an emergency basis with Dr. Amit Ofek, and after only four Chiropractic treatments, I was again able to walk without pain and without the assistance of a cane! I enthusiastically recommend the services of Dr. Ofek”

-Mark G.

“Dr. Ofek represents the real quality of care in chiropractors that is hard to find. I have been to numerous chiropractors throughout my life and am always hesitant about trying out someone new. He is extremely welcoming, takes the time to listen and has a very reassuring and efficient gentle touch when it comes to the adjustments. I was able to schedule a same day appointment on the phone, the morning after I injured my back. He was able to fit me into his busy schedule and see me for follow up visits to get me back on my feet. The most impressive part was that he called me up later in the day just to see how I feeling. I wholeheartedly recommend his care and will definitely continue with Ofek Chiropractic.”

— Jenny C.

“Dr. Ofek is great! I’ve never met a physician with so much compassion and genuine care for his patients. Not only were my results instantaneous, but his encouragement and passion for educating and empowering has really been a catalyst for me to take charge of my own health and well-being in general. I went in for pain between my shoulders, which has pretty much vanished; but I am most surprised by all of the other issues that have diminished. Issues that I had pretty much just accepted as part of life and wasn’t motivated to do anything about. Things like numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, occasional sciatic pain and bad posture. Bonus: Appointments are so fast!”

–Dov P.

“I injured my back really bad rollerskating and was bound to bed. I called Dr. Ofek, and he made sure to fit me in his schedule the very same day. His care got me back on my feet within a couple of days. I highly recommend Dr. Ofek, not only for emergency care, but more importantly for ongoing health maintenance.”

–Itamar I.

“I came to Dr. Ofek in late Jan/Feb down in my back. I was 2/3 of the way through training for my first marathon and I couldn’t walk. He did the inital assessment and sent me to get xrays then explained what was going on. Luckily I didnt have any ruptured discs but my spine was pretty out of line and I had alot of muscles, tendons, and nerves pulling every which way because of it causing the pain. I had about a month to go before the race and started treatment. I was already feeling the effects a few adjustments after starting and have been slowly getting back to square one since. I am now wrapping up the plan that we put in place and starting off training for a marathon in November. Not only does Dr. Ofek provide good chiropractic care, you also get untangibles with him. He is a glass half full guy in that he’s always positive even at 7:30 am on a Monday. He gives insite to living a healthy life with talks while you’re there for a visit, emails, newsletters, seminars, etc. I believe he goes above and beyond what you’d expect out of a chiropractor. I now consider him a friend and highly recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic care.”

–Ryan R.

“I have been very scared to see a chiropractor since I thought it was all about “bone cracking”. However, coming to see Dr. Ofek, I have learned that it doesn’t have to be about that at all. He uses a very gentle but effective approach. I had back surgery in 1999 and have been okay since then. But I have always felt stiffness and my movement has become more restricted over the years. After just 4 visits, I’m noticing a marked improvement!! All of a sudden I can pick things up from the floor, get in and out of the car, all without effort. It is making my mind clearer as well. I did not know that would be a “side effect” but apparently it is :). Dr. Ofek’s holistic approach and knowledge is a true blessing! I am on my way to getting myself back in order, but better than before!

–Maria. L

“Dr Ofek is one of the most knowledgable, resourceful, and kind doctors I have ever come in contact with, that’s saying a lot since I have worked in hospitals. He treats my entire family, ages 35 to 18 months. He is extremely flexible with appointment times and makes himself available at your convenience. He has also guided our nutrition with great suggestions. His treatment results have greatly improved my family’s quality of life.”


“I am a runner. For a while I was unable to run due to back pain, most of which probably stemmed from my day job in front of a computer. I would also get a tightness and soreness at the base of my neck whenever I became stressed. After some time, I just couldn’t take these problems anymore, so I sought out a chiropractor.

I’m glad I found Dr. Ofek. On my first visit to his office, he very quickly diagnosed a misalignment in my posture and a tightness in the back muscles surrounding my spine. For whatever reason, my left side had been overcompensating for my right, causing the tightness and pain.

He had me come back a few days later to go over an extensive treatment plan that he had worked up for me. I’d never had a medical professional spend so much time and effort on patient education, explaining in detail exactly what was wrong and how to fix it.

I started the treatment plan, and after only a couple of adjustments, the neck issue was basically gone, and the muscles in my back had started to loosen. After maybe a week or two, I was able to start running again with little to no restriction, and I’m now back to my full training capabilities.

I’m about three quarters of the way through my treatment, and I no longer have any neck pain and only a couple of times since I’ve started have I felt a twinge of upper back pain from my computer job.

Dr. Ofek is especially good for runners, as he is a runner as well. He gave me stretches and exercises to do to strengthen my shoulders, back, and legs (problem areas for my posture and hip alignment). I feel like I’m back to running as well as or better than I did before. He’s also very interested in nutrition, and we’ve had many discussions about that as well.

It’s a small practice, and the office is unassuming but very pleasant. Dr. Ofek is an exceptionally positive guy and is always encouraging and friendly. I don’t dread my visits the way I always diid with other doctors or chiropractors I’ve tried before.

I would recommend Dr. Ofek to anyone.”


“I’ve suffered from minor to sometimes severe backpain ever since my car was struck from behind two years ago. I’ve been treated before, and the pain never really went away and interfered with my ability to sleep, sit, etc. Since beginning with Dr. Ofek I have noticed a great improvement in my condition. I sleep better and can sit for much longer periods without any discomfort. Plus, Dr. Ofek explained the condition and the objectives of the treatment in a way that made me feel like I was part of my own wellness plan, not just a “subject” getting adjusted. And he’s not only a good chiropractor, he’s a good person!”


“After suffering a pain in my leg which graduated to my back over several weeks, I decided to search for a chiropractor, rather than an orthopedist. Dr. Ofek was conveniently located, so I chose to visit him for assistance with my debilitating condition. I have been a client of Dr. Ofek for a few months now. My pain and suffering began to diminish within the first couple of weeks of beginning work with Dr. Ofek. I am now “Ibuprofen-free”, mobile and happy. Dr Ofek is extremely knowledgeable, competent and committed to his craft. As a result of my positive experience and great results, with Dr. Ofek, I am committed to keeping chiropractic as part of my regular health care program”

— JF