Speech Impediment Improved With A 2.5 Years Old – Testimonial

Speech Impediment Resolved

“My toddler son and I came to see Dr. Ofek after a motor vehicle accident. Initially, we came for Chiropractic care because I heard that it is recommended after a car accident. Initially, I wasn’t even aware of Dr. Amit’s reputation as a pediatric chiropractor, and I certainly had no idea of the effect chiropractic care would have on my son.

A little bit of history: my son was born in a very difficult delivery that left him with a jaw misalignment. By age two when we began to see Dr. Amit, following the car accident, my son was also experiencing substantial and visible speech impediment as a result of the jaw misalignment. After just a few months of consistent chiropractic care, I noticed incredible improvement in my son’s speech and I could visibly see a change in his jaw alignment.

With regards to myself and chiropractic care, I felt better physically and emotionally than I have in quite a while. Upon seeing our great results, my husband decided to begin seeing Dr. Ofek as well. Our whole family has been under chiropractic care for over a year now and continues on a weekly basis to continue improving our health and overall well-being.”

If you or someone you know is looking for answers regarding their child’s health and are not satisfied with the answers they have gotten let them know about the Baseline Assessments that I do.Baseline assessments are done at my expense for all kids under the age of 15.

Dr. Amit Ofek from Ofek Chiropractic discusses The connection between traumas to the nervous system and pediatric health issues like Autism, learning issue, digestion, immune system, sleeping and more.

Partners In The Community

Here are just a few incredible resources in our wonderful community that can help your child and your family toward health and wellness


Summit’s Edge Counseling & personal development

Sharkie’s Swim School

Jitterbug Performing Arts


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Pediatric Chiropractic Recommendations

I strongly recommend for all babies to have their spine and nerve system evaluated evaluated and adjusted as needed on a regular basis (as early as a few hours/days old). I check my son for misalignmenmts on a regular basis, and he gets adjusted on a regular (weekly) basis. Not because something is wrong with him, but because I want for him to be able to express his full human potential. This potential, the way we function, heal and think is abstracted and interfered with by spinal misalignments. My son, my wife and myself will keep getting regular chiropractic care as long as we are around.

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Baseline Health Assessments For Kids

The major focus in my office is on kids and the health of their brains and nervous systems. I believe that every child has the birthright and the potential to be healthy and vital so they may develop to be a wonderful, healthy adult.
As a new father, I understand the special mix of concerns, hopes and excitement we for our children, their health and their overall well-being. Over the past 10 years I have dedicated my life to gain the knowledge and tools to help families raise healthy and happy children.
Over the past few years I have noticed a dramatic increase in cases of pediatric health issues. These issues vary drastically from emotional, behavioral and personality changes, to sensory integration problems, developmental delays, immunity, learning disabilities and more. These serious health issues are the daily reality to many parents in our community and many of my patients.
So many of these parents are unaware that impairment, or damage to the nerve system is not always about pain. It can cause subtle (and not so subtle) changes in a child’s development that can affect everything from personality and behavior to adaptation, creativity, and more. My mission and calling in life is to help these kids and their families regain their health and quality of life. As part of my effort to help my community it is essential that I inform and educate as many parents as I can about the early signs of nerve system dysfunction and the devastating effects it has on kid’s development.
We developed this incredible assessment tool (the colored wheel) so parents can recognize any health issues and take action early in their child development and improve the outcome. We’ve seen incredible results with these kind of issues when action and commitment were taken by parents. Call today to schedule this non invasive baseline assessment for your child. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes and it is at my expense!

I am excited to introduce baseline assessments for all children!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the answers that you are looking for. There are only a handful of chiropractors in the nation that are offering these baseline assessments and treatment for children. Watch the video to learn more.

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