Is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Safe?

Not only is chiropractic beneficial and a noninvasive treatment during pregnancy, chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe as well. All chiropractors are trained to care for pregnant women. Some chiropractors choose to specialize in caring for pregnant women and women with fertility issues. Further, often chiropractors that specialize in working with pregnant women are certified in using specific techniques that may require special tables that reduce the pressure on the abdomen. Dr. Amit, your Smyrna chiropractor, will also provide you with specific exercises and stretches that will benefit your pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in your life. Preconception care should begin four to twelve months prior to conception. Dr. Ofek works closely with women prior to pregnancy to ensure their immune and nervous system are functioning optimally for a healthy pregnancy. More than just a treatment for low back pain, many mothers have come to recognize the vital role that Chiropractic care plays in a healthy pregnancy.

A properly functioning spine and nervous system is an important part of a wellness pregnancy. Whether or not to see a Chiropractor during pregnancy is one of the most important decisions an expectant mother will make. Pregnancy is an important time for nerve impulses to flow uninterrupted from the brain to all the parts of the body including the uterus for proper neurological development of your baby. Dr. Ofek works with midwives, obstetricians and doulas to help ensure that Mom is receiving the best care for her and her developing baby.

In addition to the noticeable changes your pregnancy will cause your body, pregnancy can also cause subtle changes in the musculoskeletal system; changes your Chiropractor is able to detect and correct. The position of your growing baby will cause your center of gravity to shift and your spine will naturally alter itself to accommodate this change. As a result, you may experience low back and pelvic pain. The increase in hormones during pregnancy can also cause muscles, ligaments, cartilage and even bones to “soften” and become more pliable. Pelvic bones may even become displaced or fixated. Since your hips will need to spread to accommodate the delivery of your baby, fixated pelvic bones can lead to complications during delivery.

It’s especially important during pregnancy for nerve impulses to flow from your brain to all parts of your body. A slightly out-of-place vertebra can create nerve irritation, which can interfere with your body’s nervous system. Unwanted symptoms such as sciatica, lower back pain, pubic bone pain, and middle back discomfort during pregnancy can be alleviated by prenatal chiropractic care. By using special or modified techniques during your pregnancy, Dr. Ofek can restore the function of your nervous system, improve your overall wellness and increase your comfort during your pregnancy and delivery.

In fact, research has proven that:

  • 84% of pregnant women treated by Chiropractic care received relief from low back pain.
  • Women under Chiropractic care had nearly a 25% reduction in the average labor time verses the “generally accepted average labor time. (With women who had given birth in the past, that number rose to 33%)
  • Postpartum pain was relieved in 75% of moms that received regular Chiropractic care.

During your pregnancy, your Family Wellness Chiropractor can do the following:
1.Gentle adjustments can correct vertebral misalignment and relieve nerve interference.
2.Help properly align the pelvic bones which can contribute to a shorter and easier delivery.
3.Restore the natural position and mobility of the sacrum and pelvic joints.
4.Reduce nerve interference to the mother’s nervous system which controls all of her systems and functions.
5.Decrease the probability of abnormal fetal position during the last trimester.

Prenatal chiropractic care should include evaluation with the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that helps to reduce bony restrictions and relax the supporting ligaments to the uterus which allows the baby to get in the best possible position for birth. Typically, the Webster Technique is utilized on all pregnant women beginning around 28 weeks to ensure proper position of the baby and to facilitate an easier labor and delivery. Dr. Ofek has been certified in the Webster Technique and routinely uses the technique on all pregnant patients.

Many mothers report back to their Chiropractors that regular spinal adjustments helped them feel healthier during their pregnancy, decreased morning sickness, facilitated shorter labor and delivery times, and increased an overall sense of well-being.

Speak with Dr. Ofek today, if you are pregnant or considering conceiving. Just as the decision to use a doula or midwife can affect your overall childbirth experience, so can your nutrition, exercise and spinal health. Dr. Ofek is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in family wellness care and specializes in the care of pregnant women and is certified in the Webster Technique.