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baby adjusted

Dr. Ofek have years of experience helping children with concerns such as:

  • Colic, Reflux, Latching issues, chronic ear infections, developmental difficulties, ADHD etc.

This EXCLUSIVE $27 Offer Includes:

Chiropractic Exam

From this, we can quickly pinpoint the issue and what's REALLY causing it. This may include a specific, neurologically based assessment and evaluation. 

Complete Consultation

Based around the findings from your child's exam, this consultation is to create a unique treatment plan that addresses the source of the issue and customize a specific care plan for your child. 

Doctor Report Of Findings

This report recommends the safest and quickest path of non-drug, non-invasive treatment available so your child can regain their best possible health potential. This may include: neurological exercises, supplements and chiropractic adjustments.  

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