One Day Or Day One

Day One Or One Day….

The days are getting shorter and colder and we have more excuses than ever before to not do the things we absolutely know we need to do. Exercising, eating healthier, meditating, drinking more water and getting chiropractic care for your family and yourself (You know what I’m talking about, that nagging achiness in your neck and between your shoulders, low back pain and even headaches). We can keep saying to ourselves that we will do it one day, or soon, or sometimes, but the reality is that unless we have an unrelenting urgency and determination to it we tend to put it off. Make today your “DAY ONE” and not another “one day”! You will be amazed by how much better life is when you feel fantastic. You can do this and I am here to support you and your family along your journey.

LHNC – our humanitarian project is just around the corner and this year we are going to do better than ever before, but we need your help. I will send details about how you can help in the next newsletter.

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  1. What was the reason (health concerns) you came/ brought your child to see Dr. Amit for chiropractic care?

  2. How did these health issues affected your/your child’s quality of life?

  3. What improvements did you see with your health/ your child’s health?

  4. How did your/your child’s quality of life improved with care?

  5. How was your overall experience?

  6. Who would you recommend chiropractic too?  

Wow, your testimonial is incredible and will definitely help others in their journey toward health and well-being. We would love it if you will put it on our Facebook page as a review or simply email me at

If you or someone you know is looking for answers regarding their child’s health and are not satisfied with the answers they have gotten let them know about the Baseline Assessments that I do.Baseline assessments are done at my expense for all kids under the age of 15.

Partners In The Community

Here are just a few incredible resources in our wonderful community that can help your child and your family toward health and wellness


Summit’s Edge Counseling & personal development

Sharkie’s Swim School

Jitterbug Performing Arts



Pediatric Chiropractic Recommendations

I strongly recommend for all babies to have their spine and nerve system evaluated evaluated and adjusted as needed on a regular basis (as early as a few hours/days old). I check my son for misalignmenmts on a regular basis, and he gets adjusted on a regular (weekly) basis. Not because something is wrong with him, but because I want for him to be able to express his full human potential. This potential, the way we function, heal and think is abstracted and interfered with by spinal misalignments. My son, my wife and myself will keep getting regular chiropractic care as long as we are around.

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