On Fertility And Other Things

Fertility Challenges and Chiropractic Care
Fertility problems have become an epidemic 
Over the past five years in practice, I have noticed a dramatic increase in patients noting fertility challenges and IVF treatments. The Center For Disease Control  (CDC) claims that in the United States about 10% of couples experience challenges with conceiving (CDC). Fertility challenges can be due to either the man or the woman. The cost of medical treatment for fertility challenges is astronomical and often very difficult both physically and emotionally on women. Often I see couples in my office that seek out chiropractic care because they heard that chiropractic care can increase the chance of conceiving. Over the years, we  have had amazing success stories of women that were able to conceive naturally while under care in my office. Actually, there have been a few times when my wife has been introduced to someone new, who upon hearing the name Ofek has mentioned, “Oh, is your husband Dr. Ofek? He helped me get pregnant…” And, of course, I had some explaining to do!  Chiropractic focuses on ensuring that the nervous system functions at its best, thereby increasing health potential in the body, as well as overall well being. While there are many variables and causes of fertility challenges, research shows chiropractic can increase the chances of conceiving (ICPA). Do you know someone struggling with fertility challenges?  Please be sure to let them know there is hope with chiropractic care! 

Me saying how grateful I am for the privilege of taking care of you and your families

Happy Holidays to Everyone

December Specials
Baseline assessments for all children under 18 years old are at my expense.

Christmas on the Reservation
Thank you so much for each and every one of you who brought a gift for the kids on the Fort Peck native american reservation. They will have the best Christmas. Here are all your wonderful gifts in UPS on their way to Montana.

Save hundreds of dollar$ in my office by doing this simple thing!
For every person you refer, you will get one adjustment at my expense. That’s $50 savings every time you let someone else know about chiropractic care and how it can help them. You can feel great about this because at the end of the day you will save money and you will have the opportunity to help someone you love live a healthier and happier life! That’s a sweet deal if I ever saw one.

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