Ofek Chiropractic Newsletter #3

Why it is so crucial to check our kid’s nervous system?

My son Shir says hi and explanation about why chiropractic care is so important in his age or any age for that matter

For the Next 7 Days I Offer FREE New Patient Exams for all New Referrals
Did you like us on Facebook? I post interesting health related articles daily and of course pictures of Shir and his adventures

Is your spouse getting adjusted? What about your kids? Why not? They deserve to enjoy the same level of health that you enjoy. Call and make them an appointment, don’t wait for things to start breaking down.     

Don’t forget to let your friends know about our referral specials for new patients If you didn’t get the special referral card, just let your friends know that they simply need to mention your name.

Your review of my practice means a lot. If you found me on Social media, like Yelp,  and was happy with the results please make sure to leave a review.

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