Ofek Chiropractic Newsletter #7

How much are you investing in Yourself?

How much are we investing in our health and well-being? We all know that the more we invest in something, the bigger the return will be. For example, if I invest time, effort, and money in training for a marathon, I will undoubtedly see great results like an increased fitness level, better cardiovascular function, and weight loss. To see these results, I must invest time, effort and yes, money. Similarly, when it comes to my family’s health and my own health, I always make the same investment a priority. I know that getting regular chiropractic care, eating healthy and exercising is a mandatory investment, if I want to see positive results. It is always when we lose our health, and it seems almost too late that we grasp the monumental importance of investing in health. I remember a Facebook post that said “If you think healthy food is expensive, you should check the price of Cancer treatment”. That ad, of course asserts that it is a wiser investment to eat healthy now as opposed to paying for treatment of disease later. The same goes for getting regular chiropractic care. It is an investment now that is actually quite small compared to dealing with a serious health issue later. I hope you choose to make chiropractic a priority for the best health of you and your family.

If you are a Mom, Mom-to-be, Daughter, or Sister, I invite you to a special appreciation party.
Cristina Zuercher and myself are inviting all of you mothers, mothers-to-be, daughters and sisters to a fun night of crafts, refreshments, and wine (unless you are expecting!) 🙂
Please check out the amazing things Cristina will teach you how to do on her website http://smyrnavintagefindings.com/
You are welcome to invite friends. This event will be held in mid-September. Please let me know by e-mail if you are interested so we may plan accordingly.

My personal story about how and why I became a chiropractor.

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