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More cool pictures from my years in the special forces

Important Life Lessons I learned in the Special Forces
I’ve learned many life lessons during my service in the special forces, some good some not so good. I would like to share with you the ones that truly helped me in life and maybe will help you as well.

  1. In order to achieve amazing goals you have to put ridiculous amount of time, effort, sweat and tears in your work. In order for my team to become the best we had to train night and day for a very long time. Life lesson: you have to sacrifice your time and effort to truly see results, always. Same goes for my practice members (time and effort).
  2. Your health is the MOST important asset you have, period. I have seen some of the toughest guys on this planet become useless due to injuries.Life lesson: invest in your health at all cost. That is true for elite soldiers, fathers, mothers or your children. We can not be good at what we do with ill health. I have often seen fathers in my office that could not play with their kids or work at their jobs due to back/neck pain (just for example).
  3. Your body can be an incredible tool, even a deadly one, if you treat it right. In the field you must be able to trust your body to get the job done. Life lesson: As long as you give your body the right environment: exercise, food, rest, a healthy nervous system (chiropractic care) it will not let you down.
  4. Relationships are key. In the field you must trust your team mates with your life, and that’s not easy. Trust must be earned with time and experience. Life lesson: learn to trust, without trust there is no relationship.

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My personal story about how and why I became a chiropractor.
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