Meet Your Smyrna Chiropractor

Dr. Amit Ofek is a graduate of Life University College of Chiropractic. He is certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is licensed to practice Chiropractic in the state of Georgia. Dr. Ofek serves individuals and families from his Smyrna/Vinings office helping them live their best lives.

Dr. Ofek lives in Smyrna with his wife their two and a half years old son and their cute poodle. Dr. Ofek loves to spend time with his family, work out, read and he really loves gardening. He is very passionate about taking care of others and seeing them grow to be their full human potential.

Dr. Ofek loves exercising and staying in shape. He says that staying in shape and getting regular chiropractic care helps him be a better father, husband and to truly enjoy everything life has to offer.

In addition to his to his general chiropractic training, Dr. Ofek continued to pursue training from the ICPA to care for pediatrics, and prenatal patients. Dr. Ofek is certified in the Webster Technique. The webster technique is a specific technique used for care of pregnant women. “The ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) recognizes that in a theoretical and clinical framework of the Webster Technique in the care of pregnant women, sacral subluxation may contribute to difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia). Dystocia is caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby malpresentation.32 The

Through detailed questioning, active listening and performing a thorough examination, he seeks to understand what the root of the problem is and if chiropractic is the best way to treat it. He also helps patients learn to listen to their bodies and act before problems require medication or surgery. He encourages patients to take control of and responsibility for their own health by encouraging them to take care of themselves through exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Ofek is available for speaking engagements. He will be happy to volunteer his time to give a health talk to your group. Health talk requests can be e-mailed directly to Dr. Ofek at