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What Do I Eat To Stay Fit

This Is Not About Some Diet Stuff, It’s About Being Happy

Growing up on Israel’s, sunny Mediterranean coast, eating a “Mediterranean Diet” was simply called eating. There was no best selling book to read, no fancy meal plans, no specific point systems were needed. How does this have to do with happiness? Have you ever met someone that is sick, unhealthy, in pain, suffering from dementia…and that is happy? When we are healthy (not necessarily thin), but healthy, I mean actually healthy we are much more likely to be happy. I am not saying that a healthy, fit individual is always happy person, no way. What I am saying though, is that the correlation is much higher. So, lets make it simple:

  • Fresh Whole Foods (not processed foods). Organic foods are a plus as they have far less chemical exposure than conventional foods, and are often higher in nutrients.
  • Minimum sugar intake (low glycemic index foods). I love chocolate, but I eat 70% – 90% cacao and organic. Trust me it’s incredible. Cakes and cookies, sometimes, as a treat, we are not monks!
  • Healthy Fats (Omega 3 Fatty Acids) = Wild (Not farmed) fish, Grass fed beef, Butter (organic and from grass fed cows is best), nuts. I snack almonds all the time.
  • Eggs – I eat about 3 eggs per day.  Worried about my cholesterol?!? No worries, research shows that cholesterol is not actually the culprit in the manifestation of heart disease, it’s sugar!
  • Bread – Whole grain, organic, non GMO is preferable. I don’t eat lots of bread but I do believe it’s part of the great balancing act! Pita bread + Organic Olive Oil + salt and pepper ….yuuuuum. Pizza, I am human, of course I eat pizza once a while. It’s all about balance!!!
  • I exercise 4-6 times per week. I do push ups, squats, pull ups, and some weight exercises. I do it all at home and for FREE! Seriously though, you can do whatever you like, the goal is to feel exhausted (your muscles will feel like you can’t use them any more) after 10, 15, 30 minutes depending on your current level of fitness. Jump, dance, run back and forth, whatever makes you happy. Do a good warm up before (feel like you joints are nice and warm) and make sure to stretch at the end of your exercise (for a minute or two). This whole routine can be 10 minutes or an hour you decide.

One more integral part of my great balancing act…. I GET ADJUSTED BY MY CHIROPRACTOR ACCORDING TO MY CARE PLAN! The combination of good food, exercise, and my regular adjustments helps my body stay in OPTIMAL CONDITION and in turn, I’M HAPPY (except when I’m not… because I’m human and sometimes have a bad day!)

We all have a choice how we choose to spend our time on this incredible earth…let’s make it AWESOME. 

Umber Yoga

I am excited to introduce a new partner in our community, Umber Yoga. Make to check it out. Joan, the instructor, is incredible and an amazing person. Also, they have sweet deals.

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Partners In The Community

Here are just a few incredible resources in our wonderful community that can help your child and your family toward health and wellness

Neighbors Feed & Seed Supply Co.

Summit’s Edge Counseling & personal development

Sharkie’s Swim School

Jitterbug Performing Arts


Umber Yoga

Moore’s Martial Arts

Pediatric Chiropractic Recommendations

I strongly recommend for all babies to have their spine and nerve system evaluated evaluated and adjusted as needed on a regular basis (as early as a few hours/days old). I check my son for misalignmenmts on a regular basis, and he gets adjusted on a regular (weekly) basis. Not because something is wrong with him, but because I want for him to be able to express his full human potential. This potential, the way we function, heal and think is abstracted and interfered with by spinal misalignments. My son, my wife and myself will keep getting regular chiropractic care as long as we are around.

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