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Meet The Chiropractor

Meet Your Smyrna Chiropractor

Dr. Amit Ofek is a graduate of Life University College of Chiropractic. He is certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is licensed to practice Chiropractic in the state of Georgia. Dr. Ofek serves individuals and families from his Smyrna/Vinings office helping them live their best lives.

Dr. Ofek lives in Smyrna with his wife their two and a half years old son and their cute poodle. Dr. Ofek loves to spend time with his family, work out, read and he really loves gardening. He is very passionate about taking care of others and seeing them grow to be their full human potential. 

Dr. Ofek loves exercising and staying in shape. He says that staying in shape and getting regular chiropractic care helps him be a better father, husband and to truly enjoy everything life has to offer.  

In addition to his to his general chiropractic training,  Dr. Ofek continued to pursue training from the ICPA to care for pediatrics, and prenatal patients. Dr. Ofek is certified in the Webster Technique. The webster technique is a specific technique used for care of pregnant women. "The ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) recognizes that in a theoretical and clinical framework of the Webster Technique in the care of pregnant women, sacral subluxation may contribute to difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia). Dystocia is caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby malpresentation.32 The 

Through detailed questioning, active listening and performing a thorough examination, he seeks to understand what the root of the problem is and if chiropractic is the best way to treat it. He also helps patients learn to listen to their bodies and act before problems require medication or surgery. He encourages patients to take control of and responsibility for their own health by encouraging them to take care of themselves through exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Ofek is available for speaking engagements. He will be happy to volunteer his time to give a health talk to your group. Health talk requests can be e-mailed directly to Dr. Ofek at

Why This Practice

You and your family deserve the best care possible! Ofek chiropractic and Dr. Amit Ofek will provide nothing but the best. After all, that's what we're famous for! You must have heard about us from a friend, or maybe from seeing our awesome reviews on social media. Before I explain why this practice is the right one for you, I would like to give you a glimpse into who I am, and why I am the right chiropractor for you. I was a very active child, "wild", some would say. I was always athletic and also passionate about being a child. I excelled in running, and even won some competitions. I was not, however, a great student. No, I actually had zero attention span for any and all school related matters. I was even diagnosed with ADHD in the third grade. I will share more about that in just a little bit. In fourth grade I joined a water polo team, and was an active member through 10th grade. Then I found my true athletic calling, Triathlon. At 19 years old I enlisted in the military and was drafted to the Special Forces where I served for the next few years. By the time I was in college, I discovered chiropractic, and it simply made sense to me. I was excited about a profession that helps and serves others, especially children, in a natural non-invasive way. Chiropractic care had helped me to reach my full potential. It kept me focused, balanced, and I even made it to the Dean's list while in college! We are capable of so much as human beings, yet when I look around, I see adults and children that are not doing very well. How come? Why is it that we live in the most advanced nation in the world, yet when it comes to health we are rated very low? I have dedicated more than a decade of my life to developing myself into the best chiropractor I possibly can. I am committed and dedicated to give you and your loved ones the best care possible to help you regain the quality of life you deserve.

Who comes to see me? In my practice I see a wide variety of patients: --Difficult Cases that require extraordinary personal attention, specification of care, time and intensity of treatment. Many of my practice members are millennials that want to make sure they grow old gracefully and live an awesome life. --I see lots of parents that simply seek support in coping with all the stresses and daily aches and pains that come with parenthood. --I see many athletes, young and old that have found that chiropractic improves their overall performance and well-being. --Even if you are just looking to get relief from your aches and pains, I can, and will help you regain your health again and much more. I love taking care of people with headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, irritability and fatigue.

Quite often, parents will bring their child to my practice looking for different options or an alternative approach to help their child’s health concern. It pains me to see others, especially children, suffering needlessly (Developmental delays, Anxiety, Depression, Seizures, ADHD, Autism, Digestion issues, Sleeping Problems, Learning and behavioral Disorders, Ear infections, Asthma, Reflux, Colic). Their parents are doing their best, but many still end up more medicated and less well, I CAN HELP! Many parents bring their children on a regular basis to ensure and maintain normal and healthy development throughout their lives.With Chiropractic, I have the privilege and honor of helping many parents that are desperate for answers for their child. I get to help parents that want more results and hope for their child’s future. As your Chiropractor, nothing is more satisfying to me than helping those who are willing to stop at nothing until they get the help and answers they were searching for. I want to welcome you to my office and encourage you to step forward, take action and not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

What make Dr. Amit Unique?

As you've probably noticed, and felt, there is something different about Dr. Amit. Starting from my incredible story, that brought me here, to my intense passion for helping others to improve their lives. My approach to health and well-being is very simple; everyone has a birth right to being healthy, happy and well. My reputation for getting results when no one else was able to is a testament to the “never give up” attitude my patients and I have. Commitment, dedication, compassion and enthusiasm are just a few of the ways my patients have described me. Many of these unique qualities including my relentless pursuit of excellence, I attribute to my experiences serving in the Special Forces, as well as my athletic pursuits. In this practice you are not just another number, or a way to make a few dollars. You are family. You will sense this family-like environment from the moment you meet me. You might even feel like part of the fam from the first phone call (I answer my own phone, by the way!). Those who are “all in”, who are committed to results, are the ones that will undoubtedly see them. Nothing makes me happier than family members and friends seeing their family members and friends get better right in front of their eyes.

What to expect on your first visit?

Your highest quality of care possible and incredible results are our top priorities. Being thorough and getting all the information necessary to ensure success is one more detail that makes Ofek Chiropractic and Dr. Amit so desirable for many in our community. After your initial visit, Dr. Amit will compile a specific report that will include the findings from your exam and the unique recommendations for you tailored specifically for your case. During your second visit, or what we call the Report of Finding, all these details will be explained to you including the fees. Then, after you are ready, well informed and committed to changing your life (or your child’s life), we will start with your care.


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  • ""Dr. Ofek is a great listener who gets to know his patients so he can provide the treatment that’s best for them. He’s patient and I have never felt rushed in his office. Definitely recommend, especially for continued chiropractic care.""
  • ""Dr. Ofek is so kind and caring. I came in with a back issue and within a week I could sleep again! He takes his time, is flexible, and I never feel rushed. Incredible chiropractor!""
  • ""Today I had a great e experience with Dr Ofek. Booking the appointment was easy. dr Ofek listen to my concerns and issues and made sure to cover all aspects in order to treat me accordingly. Place is very welcoming. Feels like home inside the clinic. I would highly recommend Ofek Chiropractor to all.""
    T. G.
  • ""Dr Ofek is amazing with his knowledge of the body and has help me out over the years. He always listens and adjusts the treatment to address my current problem. His office is clean and welcoming for babies, kids, teens and adults. You need a chiropractor ? Ofek is the best try him out!!!""
  • ""I started getting chiropractic care from Dr. Ofek when I was trying to get pregnant. I was told it could help after many doctors visits with fertility doctors that gave us little hope. Dr. Ofek was great and took the time with me to understand my situation and explain things to me. Not long after I started I indeed got pregnant naturally and have a beautiful baby girl now. Thanks Ofek Chiropractic.""
  • ""Dr. Ofek is wonderful! He is always accommodating and listens so well. My husband and I take our kids, ages 9 months-6 years when we go. I truly believe treatment, in conjunction with a couple of other changes, have improved our son's behavior. He was acting out in anger and violence before and is so much happier now. We go regularly and feel better because of it. And Dr. Ofek is so patient with my loud, busy kids. :)""
  • ""We began seeing Dr. Amit for my 8 week old son mainly because he had an externally rotated foot. He also was not sleeping well on his back due to reflux. Dr. Amit took the time to listen to and address our concerns. He carefully and compassionately treated our son, explaining the process with every visit. We have been getting regular adjustments for about a month now and have already noticed some improvement in his foot. He is much happier and sleeping longer while lying on his back and his range of motion in his neck has greatly improved. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Amit for your family chiropractic needs.""
  • ""I had been struggling with back pain for years and had given up all hope before I found Dr. Ofek. The fact that I can make it through a shift at work without being in pain is so empowering. I would recommend Chiropractic work to anyone any age who desires to find and maintain optimal health!""
  • ""I came to Dr. Ofek at 38 weeks pregnant in desperation because i couldn't walk without assistance. the pelvic pain and lower back pain was unbearable i wasn't sleeping. Went to hospital and because i wasn't in labor there was nothing they could do. I went and got adjusted and instantly felt a whole lot better!!! I could walk without it feeling like my hips and pelvic bones were gonna break. I went back 3 days in a row and it made a world of difference. I delivered my baby 3 days later. I'm going back today only 3 days after delivery to get everything back in line.""
  • "Dr. Ofek was such an important part of my healthcare during my pregnancy. Although I was seeing a chiropractor, by the start of my 3rd trimester I was having extreme low back pain and was having trouble walking and getting through the day. I have a very active job and was worried I would have to stop working early which would limit my time at home with my baby after delivery. I switched practices and started to work with Dr. Ofek. By the 3rd visit I was feeling much better. After a few more visits I started to feel better than ever. I went on a two mile hike at 39 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it! Now I tell everyone I meet about the amazing effectiveness of the Webster technique and how much I appreciate Dr. Ofek.""
  • ""We have been taking my 3.5 month old son to Dr. Ofek for a few weeks now to correct a flat spot on his head and to help with the fact that he was only turning his head to one side. After just a couple sessions I started to see improvement. My sons neck strength is much better now and he willingly turns his head both ways, even while sleeping!""
  • ""Dr. Ofek is the best! My son was born with torticollis (tightening of the neck muscle) on his left side which caused him to favor his right side and develop plagiocephaly. After many months of physical therapy, we had very little improvement with his torticollis. My son was facing possible surgery to fix the neck muscle and that was the last thing I wanted to do. I was very skeptical about taking my infant son to a chiropractor but Dr. Ofek was very knowledgeable of his condition and had tons of experience with babies. Within 3 weeks of seeing Dr. Ofek, my son graduated from physical therapy with absolutely no signs of torticollis and no need for surgery!!! He will also have his cranial helmet off next month that was needed to correct the plagiocephaly (flat spot) he developed in the process. I can't praise Dr. Ofek enough! He has been such a blessing to us!""