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What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is natural approach to health care that focuses on enhancing your health and your body’s ability to heal. Chiropractic care addresses and corrects the root causes of your health concerns rather than just treating your symptoms. Chiropractic is based on a powerful, scientifically based principle that states; “when one’s spine and nervous system are functioning at an optimal level, your body is perfectly able to heal itself”. Your brain, spinal cord and nerves control every cell, tissue, organ and function in your body. Chiropractic care allows your nervous system to work at its optimal level.

How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractors look for and correct dangerous misalignments or subluxations in your spine. By correcting those subluxations we reduce interferences in the relaying of messages between the brain, nerves, and body, as well as relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerves allowing your entire body to heal faster and better than ever before.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a natural, gentle, non-invasive specific correction to the vertebra of your spine, your skull, or an extremity that helps to increase your nervous system function. By increasing and optimizing the function of your nervous system your body can heal faster and better.

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation is a misalignment of one or more vertebras in your spine, cranial bones or extremities that results in joint dysfunction and/or interference of signals to your nervous system which impairs it from functioning at optimum.

What causes subluxations?

Subluxations are caused by stress; physical, emotional and chemical.

Physical stress: slips, falls, injuries, as well as repetitive trauma like sitting in a chair and working a computer for extended time periods, or simply carrying your child all day.

Emotional stress: mainly our thoughts and of course, a stressful environment like our work can put our body in a fight or flight physiological state that causes severe subluxations and hormonal imbalance.

Chemical stress: toxic, harmful or un-natural chemicals in our body. These toxic chemical can come from processed foods and drinks, the pollution in the air and even the water we drink.

What are some of the warning signs of subluxations?

Subluxations are extremely dangerous due to the fact that most often there will be no obvious signs and symptoms that indicate a problem. Most often it takes years and even decades before we feel the first symptoms. This is why we often refer to subluxations as the “silent killer”. However, some of the later signs of subluxations are pain, discomfort, tingling, numbness, weakness and overall lack of well-being. Unfortunately, many of us forget how it feels to truly be healthy because we have become accustomed to the feeling of less a less than optimally functioning body.

Does it hurt to get adjusted?

No. Our adjustments are precise, gentle and based on careful assessment and specific indications. Most often our patients will actually tell us how pleasantly surprised they were by the results they got from such a gentle chiropractic technique.

Can chiropractic care help during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is crucial. There are substantial physiological and structural changes to a woman’s body during her pregnancy. Increased joint laxity due to the hormone relaxin, postural changes and increased body weight may cause subluxations in the spine and pelvis. These subluxations cause severe stress to the nervous system leading to interference of nerve transmission and dysfunction. During her pregnancy, a mother is functioning for two and must maintain a perfectly working nervous system. In addition, a pelvis subluxation may cause intrauterine constraints leading to restricted movement and space for the baby to develop. Intrauterine constraints may affect the baby’s positioning and thus its development. Moreover, chiropractic care during pregnancy may reduce the chances of complications and/or dangerous interventions.

Why the emphasis on children?

I find it incredibly concerning and unacceptable that kids in this country are sicker than ever before. Not only that our kids are sicker but they are also more medicated than ever before in our modern history. It simply does not make sense to me and honestly breaks my heart. As a parent, there is nothing more stressful and upsetting than seeing your child suffering. We have gotten so used to thinking within the box, accepting the “reality” and not look for other means of intervention. I am here to tell you that not only chiropractic can help your child but also that it could improve their health dramatically in ways you did not even allowed yourself to imagine. Most parents, unfortunately, accepted that their child will never be as healthy or vital as their peers, simply because that’s what our society allowed them to believe. My practice is a place of hope, a place where we are focused on solutions not problems, possibilities not impossibilities. You will always feel inspired and motivated to keep moving forward and most important you will always be listened to. As parents, we simply want somebody to assure us that we are not alone and that you we have someone in your corner to support you along this journey. I am here for you and your family and it will be my honor and privilege to care for you and your loved ones.

Do children need chiropractic care?

Yes, I always recommend for parents to bring their children to have their spines checked for subluxations, the earlier the better. Most often, parents will bring their newborn for a check hours or days after delivery. If the birth was traumatic (lengthy, forceps, vacuum, C-section), It is crucial to bring your child to have a chiropractic exam as most often they will have severe subluxation that may impact their development and well-being.

Is chiropractic care safe for infants?

Yes. Infants can greatly benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic can help with many of the common pediatric complains like ear infections, allergies, asthma, developmental delays and overall strengthens their immune system. Moreover, chiropractic care can help with latching and breastfeeding challenges.

Can Chiropractic Help with Colic? Yes. There is an 80% chance of injury during birth that may contribute to conditions as Colic due to nerve pressure. Using our specialized and gentle techniques we are able to align the spine back to normal allowing for better healing and often resolution of symptoms.

Can Chiropractic Help with Breastfeeding Difficulties? Yes. Birth trauma may contribute to breastfeeding difficulties in infants due to misalignments in the spine or even the infant’s cranial bones. These misalignment may cause nerve pressure or local irritation that may contribute to the condition. Using our specialized and gentle techniques we are able to align the spine back to normal allowing for better healing and often resolution of symptoms.

Can chiropractic care help infants with Neurodevelopmental problems like Autism or ADHD?

Yes. Chiropractic care helps stimulate the nervous system and specifically the brain in a way that will help normalize or balance the child’s brain and ability to develop naturally. Further, specific chiropractic techniques will help balance the cerebrospinal fluid flow in the nervous system, helping the child heal faster and optimize his brain activity and development.

How long does chiropractic care take?

In our office we specifically plan the care based upon your individual presentations and concerns. Often, people will come to our office with acute conditions that require more care than others. Some people will come in for wellness care, simply because they want to continue enjoying the amazing health benefits of chiropractic care and they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Chiropractic care is just like exercising or eating healthy. One may start due to an acute health concern, but one learns that they must continue care to continue to enjoy the benefits of feeling great and the increased quality of life that follows optimal health.

Do I have to come for the rest of my life?

Of course not! We don’t actually “have” to do anything. For example, my family, my wife our 2 year old son and I, don’t really “have” to eat healthy, organic, fresh and nutritious food but we still do it on a daily basis. Why? Because we know for a fact that we have a better chance of staying healthy, feeling great, have more energy; lower our chances of cancer, heart disease or diabetes doing so. Not Only we eat healthy but we exercise daily, again, not because we have to, because we choose to live that kind of life. It goes without saying that we all get adjusted on a regular, weekly basis and even more if need to, why? Same answer as stated earlier. Some people simply get it, they get that it is their choice and their alone to live an incredible life, or not. I see incredible changes in my practice members, some would say miracles. The truth is that these are not miracles, simply, these are people like you and me that decided that they had enough and they want a change in their lives. They are committed to getting themselves and their families better and to not let anything stand in the way, no excuses. Most of my practice members decide to continue, and make chiropractic care a part of their lives because it feels right. Having more energy, stronger immune systems, avoiding all kind of sicknesses and all together living a better life is just a nice bonus.


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  • ""Dr. Ofek is a great listener who gets to know his patients so he can provide the treatment that’s best for them. He’s patient and I have never felt rushed in his office. Definitely recommend, especially for continued chiropractic care.""
  • ""Dr. Ofek is so kind and caring. I came in with a back issue and within a week I could sleep again! He takes his time, is flexible, and I never feel rushed. Incredible chiropractor!""
  • ""Today I had a great e experience with Dr Ofek. Booking the appointment was easy. dr Ofek listen to my concerns and issues and made sure to cover all aspects in order to treat me accordingly. Place is very welcoming. Feels like home inside the clinic. I would highly recommend Ofek Chiropractor to all.""
    T. G.
  • ""Dr Ofek is amazing with his knowledge of the body and has help me out over the years. He always listens and adjusts the treatment to address my current problem. His office is clean and welcoming for babies, kids, teens and adults. You need a chiropractor ? Ofek is the best try him out!!!""
  • ""I started getting chiropractic care from Dr. Ofek when I was trying to get pregnant. I was told it could help after many doctors visits with fertility doctors that gave us little hope. Dr. Ofek was great and took the time with me to understand my situation and explain things to me. Not long after I started I indeed got pregnant naturally and have a beautiful baby girl now. Thanks Ofek Chiropractic.""
  • ""Dr. Ofek is wonderful! He is always accommodating and listens so well. My husband and I take our kids, ages 9 months-6 years when we go. I truly believe treatment, in conjunction with a couple of other changes, have improved our son's behavior. He was acting out in anger and violence before and is so much happier now. We go regularly and feel better because of it. And Dr. Ofek is so patient with my loud, busy kids. :)""
  • ""We began seeing Dr. Amit for my 8 week old son mainly because he had an externally rotated foot. He also was not sleeping well on his back due to reflux. Dr. Amit took the time to listen to and address our concerns. He carefully and compassionately treated our son, explaining the process with every visit. We have been getting regular adjustments for about a month now and have already noticed some improvement in his foot. He is much happier and sleeping longer while lying on his back and his range of motion in his neck has greatly improved. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Amit for your family chiropractic needs.""
  • ""I had been struggling with back pain for years and had given up all hope before I found Dr. Ofek. The fact that I can make it through a shift at work without being in pain is so empowering. I would recommend Chiropractic work to anyone any age who desires to find and maintain optimal health!""
  • ""I came to Dr. Ofek at 38 weeks pregnant in desperation because i couldn't walk without assistance. the pelvic pain and lower back pain was unbearable i wasn't sleeping. Went to hospital and because i wasn't in labor there was nothing they could do. I went and got adjusted and instantly felt a whole lot better!!! I could walk without it feeling like my hips and pelvic bones were gonna break. I went back 3 days in a row and it made a world of difference. I delivered my baby 3 days later. I'm going back today only 3 days after delivery to get everything back in line.""
  • "Dr. Ofek was such an important part of my healthcare during my pregnancy. Although I was seeing a chiropractor, by the start of my 3rd trimester I was having extreme low back pain and was having trouble walking and getting through the day. I have a very active job and was worried I would have to stop working early which would limit my time at home with my baby after delivery. I switched practices and started to work with Dr. Ofek. By the 3rd visit I was feeling much better. After a few more visits I started to feel better than ever. I went on a two mile hike at 39 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it! Now I tell everyone I meet about the amazing effectiveness of the Webster technique and how much I appreciate Dr. Ofek.""
  • ""We have been taking my 3.5 month old son to Dr. Ofek for a few weeks now to correct a flat spot on his head and to help with the fact that he was only turning his head to one side. After just a couple sessions I started to see improvement. My sons neck strength is much better now and he willingly turns his head both ways, even while sleeping!""
  • ""Dr. Ofek is the best! My son was born with torticollis (tightening of the neck muscle) on his left side which caused him to favor his right side and develop plagiocephaly. After many months of physical therapy, we had very little improvement with his torticollis. My son was facing possible surgery to fix the neck muscle and that was the last thing I wanted to do. I was very skeptical about taking my infant son to a chiropractor but Dr. Ofek was very knowledgeable of his condition and had tons of experience with babies. Within 3 weeks of seeing Dr. Ofek, my son graduated from physical therapy with absolutely no signs of torticollis and no need for surgery!!! He will also have his cranial helmet off next month that was needed to correct the plagiocephaly (flat spot) he developed in the process. I can't praise Dr. Ofek enough! He has been such a blessing to us!""