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About Annette Culp  CMA, BCCA, CLC, CD(DONA), CDT(DONA)                                                  with Womb Wise

Natural Childbirth Education is more than learning about labor and how to relax.  It is understanding your body's natural ability to birth your child.  It is un-learning the fear taught by a society that views birth as a medical event rather than a natural process.  A quality consumer oriented class will give the expectant parent the information needed to make informed decisions and be proactive in having a safe, natural birth while avoiding unnecessary medical interventions.  In 10 years, no one will remember your birth but You!  Not your childbirth educator, doula, doctor or midwife.  Make the choices that empower You! I have been attending births since 1997 and as of 2015 have attended over 350 births.  I have been told i have a very calming personality and bring this quality to the birthing atmosphere.

About Womb Wise:                                                                                                                                 The Childbirth Class I Teach includes:
*Nutrition     *Pregnancy Exercise
*How to Stay Healthy and Low Risk
*How to Avoid Unnecessary Pain
*A Wide Variety of Comfort Measures
*Optimal Fetal Positioning
*Labor Progression Techniques
*Three levels of Relaxation
*Birthing Options *Water Birth
*Home Birth    *Midwives    *Doula's
*Medical Interventions    *C-sections
*Informed Choice    *Communication

*Advanced hands on skills
*Too Much to list here!!!!

This class is a comprehensive 11 week series and is well suited for anyone planning a hospital, home or birth center birth. The tuition is 325.00 per couple.
Please Ask for my References!
To Register contact me at:
678-431-0500 , wombwise@comast.net